Anime Baka

Anime - Japanese Animation
Baka - Japanese word for idiot or fool

Loosely put an Anime Baka is someone who's crazy about Anime. However interpretation's may vary. I tend to think of Anime Baka as meaning something like drooling fan boy/girl.


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Wrote this a long time ago. Too short for an article:
Perverted - Hentai in Japanese. But the word pervert means deviation from normal or accepted. So, how can all guys be perverts?

Did you ever notice that the sex scene in the movie is generally at about the same realative place as the guitar solo in a song?

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Catch And Relese
2007-06-12 This is patched together from several posts.

I've never really liked the whole going fishing and catching fish and letting them go. I never could put my finger on just why. I'm sort of a kill your own meat and eat it person at least in theory. I don't believe you should have the right to eat a hamburger if you don't have the respect and will to kill the cow. I see most vegetarians as being completely disconnected from the circle of life.

If a snake is eating a canary, do you kill the snake? Isn't the snake just eating the prey that it is it's right as an animal to take?

Anyway, last night we were watching a Anime that is rather disturbing and weird and some characters went fishing. They were fishing catch and release. Afterwards one of the characters pointed out that it is completely cruel. It's taking pleasure in the misery of another creature for no reason. If you eat the fish there is a reason. But take away the eating, the need for survival, and it's just taking pleasure from doing harm. You might as well be punching kittens.

Cats are the only _other_ species I know of that play games of death. They torment their food before killing it. We love cats. In Korea there is a dish where they torture a dog and then kill it when it is in pain and scared. The resulting meat is said to have a different taste.

It weird how you think you very clearly know what is good and evil until you actually sit down and think about it. A lot of it is perspective.

I'm not sure how connected this is, but I'm for moving away from sin based laws and to rights based laws. I see it rather as a separation of church and state issue. Kind of a legal extension of "An it harm none, do what thou wilt".

I like rights based laws like you can't stab someone because they have a right not to be stabbed. In my opinion it's rather easy to link laws to rights once people agree on what rights people have. But a lot of our laws are based upon what one group or another sees as moral. The thing is that morality is not a common thing.

In California it's a sin for a 20 year old to drink a beer, but in Germany a 20 year old not drinking a beer could be a sin. How can both be true? The answer is that it's largely the morals of the group.


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