Anime Baka

Anime - Japanese Animation
Baka - Japanese word for idiot or fool

Loosely put an Anime Baka is someone who's crazy about Anime. However interpretation's may vary. I tend to think of Anime Baka as meaning something like drooling fan boy/girl.


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Wrote this a long time ago. Too short for an article:
Perverted - Hentai in Japanese. But the word pervert means deviation from normal or accepted. So, how can all guys be perverts?

Did you ever notice that the sex scene in the movie is generally at about the same realative place as the guitar solo in a song?

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2009-07-27 Behind The Line - Traffic Ramblings
I've been noticing something pretty weird the last few years. I finally decided to write something about it. Did you ever notice cars pulling up to a stop light and staying several feet to a car length away from the limit line? Once I noticed that this was happening I started seeing it all the time.

Is there some sort of reasoning behind this? Is it somehow safer? Are our drivers becoming mor...more

2009-07-12 Western Warship Combat Club
Well I made the big plunge, twice. I carpolled down to San Jose with Terry to do battle on the pond of destiny where the scores of old are settled. I think the Axis whipped the Allies more than the other way.

If you don't have any Idea what I'm talking about, I'm talking about scale model warship combat. Yes that's right model warships with actual guns that fire. They sink and you go get the...more

2009-07-04 Clearlake (Lakeport) Fireworks - Boat Trip
We were supposed to go for a Cruise on Lake Sonoma last weekend, but the boat did not start. So we really tried to get it running as I'd always wanted to go to the Lakeport Fireworks show. My dad and I troubleshooted it and then took the starter off and had it re-built. We got it back on Thursday and it ran. I really tried to get my Dad to come along for the trip but he wouldn't come because ...more

2009-06-21 Spreckles Lake
Bevy and I drove down to San Francisco Today (Sunday) to interact with some members of the Western Warship Combat Club. I think everyone had a blast although we didn't really live fire any of the Ships. I brought my Victor 32 and Bevy and the guys had fun sailing it. The wind was a little disappointing, but still fun. I got to steer a few different ships and found it wasn't as easy as I though...more

2009-06-18 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence BINGO!
Well last night Bevy and I went down to attend the Sisters Bingo. We didn't come back until today (2AM that is), but that's Bevy's fault for wanting to find reasonably priced food in San Francisco near eleven oclock. Lucky Penny is open 24 hours and is near Japan Town and has meals for $10 or so. Although the mashed potatoes were watery, it's one of the few places in SF that you can eat on a ...more

2009-06-18 Burma - Union of Myanmar -SUCKS!
Been meaning to write about this. A few weeks Bevy and I netflixed (new verb) the new Rambo movie. We were expecting blood, gore, bullets and knives. We were not expecting brutal reality, but that's what we found. This story opened our eyes to horrors that are happening there now. People are being killed for no reason. Women are being raped to subject them and their people. This is one of the...more

2009-06-17 Dragonball Kai
This is rather interesting. They are re-editing and cleaning up the original DragonBall series. This new edit is trimming off a lot of the fat. It's expected to trim it from 291 episodes (of pre-fight shouting matches) to 100 episodes of things happening. They're striving to keep it as close as possible to the manga. I'd watch for this at a fansubber near you. Hope it gets licenced and on DVD ...more

2009-06-01 Maker Fair
Bevy and I headed down to Maker Fair in San Mateo this weekend. We met up with Jesse and Kat and helped with the running of Jesse's table/booth. It was a blast and Bevy even managed to have a lot of fun, but found the crowds overwhelming. There were plenty of crafts exhibits and booths to keep her occupied. By the end both Jesse and I both ended up with Subscriptions ...more

2009-05-28 Youtube Shows
Jesse also found this. He found that YouTube had all the episodes of MacGyver. In looking into it quickly found that YouTube has quite a show listing including quite a lot of Anime. It again looks to be Ad supported (legal and free). This is really quite interesting. Everyone is dukeing it out with Hulu although Hulu still leads the pack in my opinion.

They also ...more

2009-05-28 Crunchyroll Looks Good
My friend Jesse literally stumbled across the Crunchyroll office in San Francisco while servicing some equipment at a office next door.

Crunchyroll is an interesting company. They provide free legal ad supported viewing for anime and other things. They also offer a premium service starting at $7 a month which gets rid of the ads and has newer releases as well as HD. They are officially license...more

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